The world evolves, times change, and new concepts appear to seek other ways of life. The fashion industry is a mirror where these social changes are reflected, introducing new trends and making alternatives visible. 

Speaking of innovations, today we are going to learn all about vegan leather, a material that has gained recognition and respect for its positive impact on the environment and animal rights. Discover its details, types and durability with us!


Is vegan leather durable as people say?

One of the big questions that comes up before taking the final step towards this material is about its durability. Genuine leather is known for its longevity, and replacing it with another one may raise doubts. Will you be able to wear it for a long time? The answer, happily, is yes, and it has to do with how the leather is made, and the materials involved in its creation. 


Its years of useful life depend on the quality of these components and the use given to the bag, but it is estimated that it can last up to 20 years at the most. This time is significant, and even if it is less than real leather, it represents a change for nature and animals.


There are other factors to take into account that determine the durability of the bags, and these include resistance to tensile strength and abrasion.


Tensile strength

It is one of the most important technical concepts in the world of handbag manufacturing, as it refers to the ability of the material to tolerate the weight and tension within it once it is filled to carry things.


In this case, high quality vegan leathers that are blended with microfibers or PU plastics have a high tensile strength, as the synthetic fabrics help prevent accidental tears.


Abrasion resistance

Abrasion, on the other hand, is the way in which the material reacts to rubbing or friction without wearing down or developing holes, tears or damage. Here, vegan leather reacts positively, and scientific studies such as the Martindale test demonstrate the high resistance of this component. 


What Makes Vegan Leather Durable?

Vegan leather makes an interesting difference because of the complexity of its structure. In general, it is a material created on the basis of organic components such as apples, corks, mushrooms, pineapples or cactus leaves, which are mixed with synthetic plastics such as PVC or PU.

This combination of elements generates a strong, highly resistant product that is impermeable to liquids. So, while water is a threat to natural leather, for vegan leather it does not represent any challenge. It is also not necessary to protect it from the sun or high temperatures, since its texture is more compact.


It should be noted that, in addition to its surface components, it also helps that the bag has high quality closures, finishes and details to increase the durability of the piece. 


What is the Most Durable Vegan Leather?

With the advancement of technology and with innovation as a guide, several types of vegan leather have emerged in recent times that have increased the accessibility, variability and style of this material. However, there is one component that has gained more popularity for its attributes: cork.


This noble vegetable fiber comes from the bark of the cork oak, a tree native to Southern Europe and North Africa. After an exhaustive lamination and drying process, the cork is molded, and textile protection is added to increase its useful life. The effort is well worth it, as the bags created with this element can last up to 20 years. In addition, it stands out for being resistant, lightweight and waterproof.

Advantages of Vegan Leather Over Traditional Leather

Purses created with this type of material have as many advantages as leather bags. Here we summarize the most important points to highlight about this alternative that is becoming more and more fashionable, so you can take it into account at the time of your purchase.


  • Cruelty free: the best part about this material is that it is not of animal origin. Therefore, if you have sensitivity and fight to eliminate practices that involve the sacrifice and exploitation of animals such as cows, this is by far your best option. Supporting this movement helps to change fashion habits and to look for ethical alternatives that do not involve so much cruelty.


  • Eco-friendly: bags of this style are gaining recognition and place in the industry thanks to their positive impact on the environment. As we mentioned before, they are made from organic components that generate a good and durable product, minimizing future waste. 


  • Cheaper: the price of products made from this type of leather helps, without a doubt, to raise the hype surrounding them. As they involve organic and synthetic materials, their value is usually more accessible to everyone.


  • Maintains its appearance: one of the characteristics of native leather is that it tends to change its look as the years go by. This is a totally normal detail, but some people do not like it. In this situation, you can opt for a vegetable leather, since it will never change its shape.


  • Multiple options: it is easily found in different looks and colors, making it simple to find a model that you like and fits your personality.


  • Not as much care: by avoiding animal skin, you don't need to be as meticulous with their care. You can store them anywhere, and they don't require deep cleaning with specific materials.

The durability of vegan leather: the best friend for your bag

Vegan leather bags are here to stay and are getting stronger and stronger thanks to their time of use and cruelty-free. So if your goal is to have a greener lifestyle, it's time to get conscious! Check out our sustainable options and fight for a better future while looking fabulous.

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