Vegan leather is here to stay, and nowadays, it is very common to find it in different products as a replacement for real leather. 

This new material emerged as a need to end animal cruelty, representing an ethical alternative in the fashion world. Discover with us its creation process and get to know all the characteristics of this component that looks great in handbags and purses.


How is the Vegan Leather Processed?

Unlike genuine leather, vegan leather is a material that stands out for its position of not using the skin of any species in the creation process. It is an alternative that aims to put an end to the mistreatment and slaughter of animals in the world of fashion. It is made from natural and synthetic components that, after a manufacturing method, manage to obtain an aesthetic quite similar to real leather.


Thanks to its empathetic and conscious position, this material is in constant development and research, and currently you can find manufacturers that make it with different procedures. On the one hand, there are those that use only elements of vegetable origin and transform them by extracting natural fibers, which are then treated to obtain a flexible, resistant and environmentally friendly material.


However, one of the most common vegan leathers is made from synthetic. In this case, they are created from the union of plastic coatings together with a textile support. A color coating is then applied and a texture that simulates real leather is added. The result is a strong, waterproof and aesthetic product that imitates a genuine skin.


Characteristics of the Vegan Leather

The manufacture of this type of textile avoids traditional tanning processes and tries to replace them with sustainable and durable sources. So far, the organic components that have been used for its creation are cork, apple, mushrooms, pineapple, mango and cactus. As for synthetic materials, the most widely used is PU, a modern plastic that is more environmentally friendly thanks to its recallability. 


The durability of pieces made with vegan leather will depend on their elements, but in general, these products can be used between 2 and 20 years. In fact, cork leather has been found to have the longest longevity to date, thanks to its water-resistant structure, which makes it less susceptible to moisture damage and deterioration caused by exposure to liquids.


Why is Vegan Leather Recommended?

The main advantage of this new fur lies in its sustainable and cruelty-free production process. Being composed of natural and synthetic materials, this approach seeks to reduce not only animal abuse, but also deforestation, by reducing the demand for agricultural land and pastures used to raise cows, pigs and other species.

In addition, it should be noted that these leathers are usually less delicate than the classic ones, which has a direct impact on their price and maintenance. This fact makes them more affordable and cost-effective, and they require less care to keep them in good condition.


Another point to highlight among its advantages has to do with the variety of options and textures it offers. Being a manufactured material that does not come from an animal skin, it is very easy to find it in different designs, patterns and styles that fit all kinds of tastes. 


Where Can Vegan Leather be Found?

Besides being animal-friendly, this material has gained popularity due to its speed and low manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is not only used for the creation of leather bags, but its usefulness has been extended to other areas that were previously reserved exclusively for animal skin.


Among the sectors that are adopting this new material is the fashion industry, which produces everything from backpacks, purses and clothing to footwear, such as boots, shoes and sneakers. Another notable segment that is making a difference in its use is the automotive sector, where seats are being manufactured from synthetic leather.


This is a clear demonstration that vegan leather is getting more and more visibility, as it is a sustainable product that also ensures quality and style. 

The ideal leather bags to give you the elegance you need

Although it is obvious that this is a simulation, vegan leather is conquering its goal of seeking a sustainable future by gaining spaces and recognition where before there were only prejudices. In addition to their purpose, these bags represent a beautiful alternative that keeps the style versatile and sophisticated for your looks.


At Hand Matters, we believe that it is important to keep updated on tendencies and above all to keep an open mind about the movements that come to propose a kinder treatment with nature. 


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