While our leather bags feature a waterproof finish that makes them resistant to common stains it is important to know that, with use, some incidents may occur that damage our handbag. Carelessness or substances such as oil, ink or alcohol are a threat to the piece, and can cause a deterioration in its appearance. 

That's why we are going to tell you the essential tips you need to take care of your bag like a pro from the very first minute. Take note and learn with us! 

5 Tips about How to take care of leather bags

1. Protect your bag from liquids and extreme heat

Although it’s necessary to leave the house with water to hydrate ourselves, we must be especially careful with the liquids inside our bags. A spill can be a real headache, as the leather absorbs it and ends up generating humidity or mildew. This wears out the material and makes it more rigid, causing significant damage. 


To avoid this situation, just carry bottles of water or other soft drinks in a plastic bag. This way, in case a few drops escape, your handbag will be protected.


You should also pay attention if you expose them to too high temperatures, whether it is the sun or a heater. It has been proven that all heat sources can dry out leather and even break it.

2. Schedule a thorough cleaning maintenance for your leather bag

Any task is easier if you schedule it and organize yourself to do it. That's why we suggest that you plan a deep wash of your bag after a couple of wearings.


The regularity of the cleaning will depend on the use you give to the bag. Although, as a minimum, we recommend that you perform this task at least once a year. This will help to remove accumulated dirt and keep the leather in perfect condition. 

3. Keep your leather bags in a safe place

Any of our designs is a treasure worth taking care of. Even though the quality of the product guarantees great durability, it is essential to store them in places that will help them maintain their incredible longevity. Therefore, we recommend keeping them in dry and dark spaces, away from any liquid or sunlight. In addition, it would be ideal to put them out of the reach of children, just to avoid any daily incident.

4. Choose the right products for caring for your leather bag

If you are a beginner and have wondered how to clean a leather bag, the first thing you should know is that you must not generalize this material. For example, dark leather is not the same as light leather. In the case of the former, you can use neutral soap diluted in warm water to clean it. But, in the case of light designs, petroleum jelly or a solution of white vinegar mixed with water could be useful.


You should also separate the cowhide bags we offer in our collection. You can wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt surface and maintain their natural shine. 


Finally, to preserve the look and create a protective layer, you can apply a leather conditioner or even a normal body cream, just as you would do with your own leather.

5. Do not hesitate to pay for a professional cleaning if necessary

Sometimes there are some stains or small dirt that, even if we put all our effort to remove them, they will defeat us. In that case, it is always better to leave our bag in the hands of a professional who knows how to clean it without damaging our product. This way, you will ensure the durability of the piece, making an investment in the future.

One last pro tip for extra care of your leather bag

For avid leather enthusiasts, consider storing your valuable handbags in a dust bag or pillow case when not in use. 

This safeguards them from dust and sunlight, preserving the leather's condition.

Take advantage of these tips with our top quality leather bags

Being a high quality and valuable piece, our bags need active care. Although, as you will see, it’s very easy and affordable to keep them beautiful. Now choose your favorite design from our collection and take care of it as it deserves!

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