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Welcome to Hand Matters,
where shopping is meaningful

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We create sustainably handmade products,
supporting independent
producers across Latin America

Highlighting the culture
of these communities
is vital for our brand’s philosophy

Hand Matters. Every Hand Matters Hand Matters. 100% handmade

Our goal is for inclusive shopping
to become the norm

Why Hand Matters?

Handmade pieces

We give visibility to handmade products created through techniques that have been passed from generation to generation as a form of inheritance.

Made in vulnerable communities

Those responsible for creating these valuable pieces live in communities and find in this work their livelihood and economic engine.

Eco-friendly process

Our creators prioritize organic and noble materials, including sustainable plant-based options, in our catalog.

A product for life

This responsible and honorable process results in high quality bags, accessories and clothing, made to accompany you forever.


We take the materials that nature gives us and turn them into the most elegant product. We also create from recycled plastics, because we believe in transformations and second chances. From these elements an innovative, ethical and environmentally responsible piece is born. Make a conscious choice with our bags, where fashion and ethics are in perfect harmony.

Artisan and Handmade Products

We are not afraid of distances and differences. In fact, they are the concepts that inspire us. That's why our mission is to connect you with talented artisans in Latin America who produce unparalleled pieces with high quality materials. Shop wherever you are. Wear artisanal leather, unique leather products.

Handcrafted with Purpose

Choosing a Hand Matters piece will not only reveal your good taste, but also demonstrate your social and ecological awareness by opting for an environmentally friendly product.

Select our best handmade leather bags and spread knowledge, culture and sustainability in your outfits. Wear responsible fashion that makes a difference. The world will thank you.

Our Story

We are Hand Matters, a platform for handmade bags, accessories and clothing, where quality and integrity are keywords. We sell products with history, made by communities that need visibility to continue doing their work. Likewise, we like to think of the world as an easy place to connect, and our purpose is that when you use these unique bags, you know where they come from and who made them.