The art of crafting leather bags is a labor of love, with every step carefully and meticulously executed. Here, we'll take you through the fascinating journey of how our exquisite handcrafted leather bags come to life, one bag at a time.

Hand Matters. How to make a leather bag
The journey begins with the raw material, where precision and expertise are key. Each bag's creation starts with marking the leather, ensuring that the cuts are precise and meticulous. Next comes trench cutting, a process that shapes the leather into the desired form. It's in these early stages that the potential of the leather is unlocked, ready to be transformed into a work of art.
But we don't stop there. Edge sanding is a crucial step to guarantee the smoothness and finish of our bags. It's all in the details, after all. Assembling the pieces follows, with a non-permanent bonding that allows for flexibility and adjustments, ensuring that every bag is customized to perfection. The stitching is another pivotal stage, boasting triple reinforcement at the ends and using high-resistance thread, guaranteeing durability and longevity.
How to make a leather Handbag? Hand Matters Blog
In the case of our bags with wooden components, there's an additional layer of artistry involved. We source the wooden parts from a rural carpentry shop in the picturesque town of San Carlos, nestled in the province of Salta, Northern Argentina. These wooden slices undergo a special treatment with linseed oil, enhancing their natural beauty. Then, they are precisely laser-engraved with intricate designs. Finally, the bags and their wooden components come together in our workshop. Here, skilled artisans manually fasten the wooden parts to the leather, ensuring a seamless fusion of materials.
The labels for bags without wood are also a part of the leather cutting process and receive the same exquisite laser-engraving treatment. 
With every bag we create, we aim to showcase the beauty and resilience of genuine handcrafted leather. The result? Timeless pieces that will not only catch your eye but also stand the test of time.
Step by step: how to make leather bags? Hand Matters Blog


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