Suede alpargatas are stylish and comfortable. Suede is a soft, velvety material that requires a bit of extra care. 

Hand Matters. Handcrafted suede alpargatas

Here are some tips on how to wear and take care of suede alpargatas:

  • Avoid getting them wet: suede is a delicate material that can be easily damaged by water, so avoid wearing suede alpargatas in wet or rainy weather.

  • Protect your suede: before wearing your suede alpargatas, apply a suede protector spray to help prevent stains and water damage.

  • Pair them with summer outfits: suede alpargatas are perfect for summer outfits like shorts, sundresses, and lightweight pants.

  • Accessorize with natural materials: suede alpargatas look great with accessories made from natural materials like chaguar, palm leaves, woven straw or leather.

  • Wear them without socks: alpargatas are meant to be worn without socks, as they are breathable and comfortable.

  • Roll up your pants: if you're wearing alpargatas with pants, consider rolling up the cuffs to show off the shoes.

  • Use alpargatas in neutral colors to combine them easily, or choose them in a bright hue to add a pop of color!

  • Keep it simple: suede alpargatas are meant to be casual and effortless, so keep your outfit simple and let the shoes stand out.

Hand Matters. How to style alpargatas

    With the right protection and styling, you can enjoy your suede alpargatas all season long! Remember, alpargatas are all about comfort and style, so wear them with confidence and enjoy their relaxed vibe.

      Hand Matters. Styling alpargatas


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