A ruana is a traditional Andean garment that resembles a poncho or shawl. It is typically made from wool or other natural fibers and is worn wrapped around the body, often draping over the shoulders.

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Which is the difference between ruanas and ponchos? A ruana has an opening in the front, resembling a wrap or cape. A poncho, instead, is a single piece with an opening in the center for the head. 

And how are ruanas handmade? Every aspect of the process of crafting a ruana remains handmade and traditional. Including the way hand-spun natural fibers are sheared from llama and sheep, which are then tinted using natural vegetable dyes produced from raw materials such as walnut shells, carob tree resin, beetroot, and Ceibo, a flowering tree. Finally, ruanas are also handwoven with love, care, and attention to detail. 
There are ruanas to cover your shoulders on those breezy summer nights at the beach; ruanas to accessorize on cool autumn days; ruanas to keep warm in the chilly winter air or to complete your outfit for an elegant night out; and ruanas to transition into the warmer spring weather.

Ruanas are soft, cozy and versatile: they look great on, or when not needed, can drape elegantly from your shoulder or bag to add a bold statement to your look.

Do you like them as much as we do? 

Hand Matters. White ruana. Wool ruanas

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